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Benamericana Video Episode 02 (English)

This is the video about my European Hound Mario. Unfortunately he couldn’t join me for my journey, because he had some serious health issues. He is in good hands now and is living a good live. He really is an awesome dog, it’s so sad he had to stay behind! This Episode will tell you all about my preparation together with Mario for the Journey that laid ahead of us.

Benamericana – English – 02 – Mario the Scandinavian Hound from standoutmedia on Vimeo.


Benamericana Episode 01 (English)

It’s has been a lot of work. Translating a video is always way more sophisticated then just plain text. So it fills me with great pride to present the first English Video from Standout Media. It’s the first Episode, telling the story of me leaving Germany, heading out for my great adventure.

So,sit back and enjoy the marvelous British accent of the voice over from Hendrik, one of the minds behind Standout Media.

Benamericana – English – 01 – A journey begins from standoutmedia on Vimeo.


10.06.2013, I push my bike of the main road. There is a chain across the small back road indicating you are not allowed to pass. On the other side is a forrest that isn’t fenced of, but I decide to choose this one anyway. Well, it’s not the first time that I half legal stealth camp somewhere in the woods.
I circle a bit deeper into the woods away from the main path and settle for a nice place…


Coast 2 Coast

As my regular followers know, when I write that I’ll do another update soon, this doesn’t necessary mean anything really. Sorry about that, but here comes the story about how I wandered into the desert to end up finding an oasis of joy and adventure. Who would have known that fate would sent Bubba to find me…

If you just want to see the pictures go here 🙂


Grand Canyon (English Version)

Since the WordPress app on my IPad was so kind to delete the complete translation of my last entry, it took me a little longer to overcome my grudge against the program. But here we go again, second try…

After the official part of my trip ended in San Diego, I still had a thing or two on my To Do list. My plans to visit the Grand Canyon were long made. When I planned the trip though, I would have never dreamed of what I would experience when heading for adventure without a bike or a car in the U.S. I was so naive …


California 1/2 (English Version)

Yes, I’m still alive! Actually I’m pretty good to be exact. Since I announced in my last report, that I would continue the journey no longer, a lot of time has passed, I have experienced a lot, but my opinion has not changed.


California 2/2 (English Version)

As promised, here comes the second part of my report of my tour from San Francisco to San Diego. After I rode from San Francisco to Berkeley with the amazing Bikeshuttle I had to take the ferry back. This was mainly because my ambitions to be at the station by 7:00 where somewhat limited. After I left San Francisco I came back to enjoy the sunny beaches along the Californian highway.