10.06.2013, I push my bike of the main road. There is a chain across the small back road indicating you are not allowed to pass. On the other side is a forrest that isn’t fenced of, but I decide to choose this one anyway. Well, it’s not the first time that I half legal stealth camp somewhere in the woods.
I circle a bit deeper into the woods away from the main path and settle for a nice place…

11.06.2013, the next morning. I wake up around 7:00 but decide to sleep a little longer. At around 8:30 I lay awake in the tent, there is the noise of a helicopter passing over. Well, that is not to unusual, but I decide to get up gather my stuff and get going.
For some reason the noise of the helicopter is not fading as usual but staying close. Again, as there is a bigger road close by, I assume it might be a traffic helicopter or something. Still, it is a little unsettling, and everybody who camped like this before knows that feeling. Why should somebody care for you camping there, or even bother come looking… Paranoia, as I already said.

Still getting my stuff together I start to hear barking dogs, could be some farm dogs down the road, right? Well, I take my campsite down in record time and head back to the main road…

A police bus is parked right across the street at the other forrest I actually considered to sleep in last night. The chopper is circling over it and I see half a dozen policemen with dogs conducting a search drill in that very forrest.

Now what are the odds for that? 🙂 I just consider myself lucky to have chosen the right side of the road. Would have been a surprise for both sides if they had actually found me there I guess!
Now I know that I’m not paranoid, well at least I hope they were not looking for me 🙂


Eine Antwort zu “Paranoid

  1. I thought this time they are going to catch you… And by the way, why did you sleep until 8:30? Is it so dark in Denmark 😉

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